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and exploit the electromagnetic environment

For over 30 years CommsAudit has developed and delivered leading RF systems and sub-systems, recognised for their accuracy, user-centricity and reliability

Specialists in high-bandwidth RF monitoring and Direction Finding systems and sub-systems

from HF to SHF across land, maritime and air, from tactical to strategic

Tested, trusted, deployed worldwide

CommsAudit design and manufacture world-leading antennas, wideband receivers, RF distribution and signal processing software, used worldwide by leading system integrators and end users in monitoring, direction finding and communications applications

Experts in RF

High performance RF sensors designed for accuracy, combined with operator-centric interfaces and all backed by a track-record of reliability

Sovereign Capability

Designed, built and supported from two sites in the UK for over 30 years. ITAR-free providing full freedom of action to users

Customer First

Highly experienced service team provide support globally, sustaining and updating mission critical systems

RF Monitoring and Direction Finding Systems

Spectra Light

Portable Wideband VUF – UHF Monitoring System

Spectra Maritime

Spectra Maritime System

Spectra HF DF

HF SRDF System

Spectra Black

Portable RF Sensor

Spectra 200

Portable RF Sensor

Spectra SRDF

Multi-role DF System

Spectra Go

Portable DF System

RF Sub-Systems and Components



Switch Matrix

HF to SHF Switches

Wideband Receivers

Monitoring and DF

CA7851 V/UHF Receiver

20 MHz – 6 GHz


Monitoring and DF


VLF to SHF Multicouplers

CA7814 HF Receiver

9 kHz – 32 MHz

CA7852 V/UHF Receiver

20 MHz – 6 GHz