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CA7814 HF Receiver

CA7814 HF Receiver


The CA7814 is a compact wideband digitising receiver with an operating frequency range of 9 kHz to 32 MHz.

  • 9 kHz – 32 MHz frequency range
  • Low noise figure, high dynamic range
  • Internal pre-selector
  • VITA-49 I/Q output processing.
  • Internal DSP resources (option)
  • 1 Million point FFT (option)
  • 128 DDC channels (option)
  • Internal buffer/delay line (option)

Exceptional Performance

The CA7814 has been designed from the ground up for the most demanding SIGINT and signal monitoring applications, with a world-leading Noise Figure and Dynamic Range

Ready to Integrate

The CA7814 is used by System Integrators worldwide in Direction Finding systems, as well as communications and COMINT systems. We provide a full ICD and on-demand technical support

Flexible form factor

The compact nature of the receiver is ideal for SWaP-constrained scenarios. Rugged and rackmount chassis are available to house the receiver

Superior Dynamic Range enables Operators to intercept weak signals

Dynamic range effectively determines the Probability of Intercept of weak Signals of Interest (SOI) in the presence of a stronger unwanted signal with a small or large frequency offset. The features embodied within the CA7814 in order to maximise dynamic range are as follows:

  • Single-digit noise figure (typ.) provides the best possible sensitivity, meaning that some of the weakest signals that would not be detected with other systems, can be detected over huge distances and analysed to contribute to the intelligence picture
  • The receiver’s architecture is unique in the class of compact receivers: the dual-conversion super-heterodyne architecture provides superior image rejection, which means that unwanted out-of-band RF emissions are rejected to further improve Probability of Intercept
  • Patent Pending synthesiser technology improves in-band blocking performance by up to 20 dB, meaning low-power multi-skip wanted signals can be found amongst high power ‘blocking’ signals
  • Integrated RF Limiters and RF Pre-selection provide protection from damaging RF levels, especially important if active elements, such as Electronic Attack assets are employed near or on the same sites, enabling operations to continue uninterrupted

Full HF Wideband Coverage in Real-time with up to 128 narrowband channels per receiver

The CA7814 is capable of continuously digitising the frequency range 9 kHz – 32 MHz, and boasts lossless transfer of that data to internal or external DSP resources via high speed digital interfaces.

Systems that don’t instantaneously digitise the entire HF band carry the risk of missing signals of interest – even with fast scan speeds. The CA7814 ensures full HF band capture at all times.

The CA7814 includes a XilinX® ZynQ® System on Chip (SoC) for high performance digital signals processing applications. This enables output of “Power Spectral Density” (PSD) summary frequency domain data with up to 1 million points, providing Operators with an extremely high-fidelity wideband view of emissions across the whole spectrum. The ZynQ also includes a 128 channel channeliser, providing Operators with 128 configurable narrowband DDR/DDC time-domain (narrowband) data channels.

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