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CA9547 Antenna
Spectra SRDF



SPECTRA SRDF has Industry leading DF bandwidth, coupled with CommsAudit’s proprietary Super Resolution DF processing software.

  • 20 MHz – 6 GHz
  • 100 MHz DF Bandwidth
  • 500 MHz Search & Monitor Mode
  • Automatic Direction Finding
  • Automatic Geo-Location
  • Adaptive Blind Signal Separation
  • Low Profile Antenna
  • Analysis Software & Mapping
  • LINUX Server
  • Supports Multi-User Access
  • Remote BITE for status monitoring

High-fidelity sensing

CommsAudit V/UHF recievers configured in phase-coherent mode sit at the heart of the SRDF system, offering high dynamic range and low noise figure for critical COMINT, spectral compliance and intelligence gathering operations

Ready to Deploy

SPECTRA systems are deployed and supported worldwide in over 30 countries, backed by a UK-based support and service team available year-round to support our customer’s most important operations

Super Resolution DF

CommsAudit’s Super-Resolution DF (SRDF) processing enables prosecution of co-channel and short duration signals, critical enablers in a congested, contested electromagnetic environment

Modular and Adaptable

The SPECTRA family of DF systems is inherently modular, and can be tailored to a specific requirement or mission profile.

The SPECTRA SRDF system is no different, and various antenna and DF processing form-factors can be combined to create a system suitable for fixed-site install, land/maritime platform operations or portable use

Designed for a congested, contested environment

Future EW operations are expected to be undertaken in a congested and contested electromagnetic environment. These broad terms imply two specific challenges for EW sensors, principally, dynamic range and co-channel interference.

Co-channel interference (i.e. more than two signals occupying the same frequency at the same time) is a condition under which simple DF processing (e.g. Watson-Watt, two-channel Correlative interferometric) techniques fail.

CommsAudit’s super resolution processing is designed to deliver reliable direction-finding results in the presence of co-channel interference. Additionally, it makes provision for dynamic spatial filtering (by beam-forming and null-steering) of wanted/unwanted emissions, enabling successful collection of SOI under co-channel conditions. The multi-channel architecture enables prosecution of multiple SOI in parallel, each with independently configured beam/null configurations.

A further benefit of the CommsAudit’s Super Resolution system architecture is superior detection & DF of short duration signals. Each antenna element is a sampled continuously without switching or sequencing. This approach yields superior POI for short duration emissions e.g. high rate frequency hopping signals or burst signals. CommsAudit has previously demonstrated single-digit micro second (µS) detection and DF with pulse widths in the region 7-9 µS.

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