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SPECTRA Go antenna



SPECTRA Go is a tactical DF system that enables users to conduct dismounted EW operations in demanding situations with a unique sensitivity/SWaP profile

  • Portable wideband monitoring & direction finding system
  • Supports automated multi-sensor geolocation of target emitters
  • 30 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range with 100 MHz digitised bandwidth
  • Signals recognition enables automatic search & filtering by protocol

High-fidelity sensing

At the heart of the system is CommsAudit’s flagship CA7852 receiver, providing two phase-coherent digitising receive channels, each with 100 MHz digitised bandwidth. Advanced integrated digital signals processing enables parallel prosecution of multiple signals of interest whilst maintaining energy and compute resource efficiency.

Ready to Deploy

All-in system weight of less than 30kg (depending on options) and a set up time of less than five minutes means more time prosecuting SOIs. An optional processing unit extends the base system with long-duration wideband buffering to facilitate after-the-event ’post-facto’ signal monitoring, recording, direction-finding and geo-location.

Advanced Software

SpectraView software is easy to learn, yes highly configurable for advanced Operators. Powerful automated wideband search features enable a user to automatically search for specific signal types/protocols, triggering targeted collection, direction-finding and geo-location signals of interest.

Unique Antenna Design

The Spectra Go Direction Finding antenna incorporates two antenna bands, each comprised of five elements. The antenna incorporates low noise amplifiers to maximise sensitivity, RF gain control and pre-selection filtering to maximise dynamic range, and RF sequencing to facilitate phase-interferometric direction finding. The antenna is light weight and designed for minimum packing size to facilitate easier deployment logistics.

Spectra Go is ideal for man-portable and vehicle borne operations. Elevation of the antenna using masts or buildings of opportunity will enhance detection ranges from static/semi-static locations

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