We continue to offer a full service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic


CommsAudit offer a range of services to our Government, Civil and Military customers worldwide

Operations Support

Local or deployed support to strategic and tactical operations, including:

  • Deployment to users’ field exercises or ongoing operations
  • Delivery of On-The-Job Training (OJT) within operational environments
  • Development of Early Entry RF Spectrum surveys to inform mission requirements
  • Assistance with users’ development of operational concepts

Research & Development

Our customers continue to approach us with requests to design, develop and deliver bespoke or customised solutions to address their demanding problems.

CommsAudit maintains an active research and development program to exploit new ideas and technology. In addition to customer led initiatives, CommsAudit has internally funded research programs investigating:

  • Novel tuner design
  • Smart antenna processing for direction finding and signal enhancement
  • Software Defined Radio system design
  • Antenna design


CommsAudit make it our business to listen and thus understand our clients’ capability needs, issues and Key User Requirements. The agreed consultation findings then lead to design, development and provision of a product or End-to-End solution (COTS or Customised) that meets or even exceeds the expectations of the client.

CommsAudit can provide consulting services in a variety of areas related to communication systems design and analysis including:

  • Receiver Design
  • RF, DSP, Digital and Software Design
  • Communication Systems Design Theory
  • Antenna Distribution System Design


CommsAudit design & deliver operator focused training packages, examples include:

  • Communications Surveillance fundamentals for the new or skill-faded operator
  • Data Signals Exploitation (DSE) for the experienced operator
  • Mission Management & Target Development for the mission supervisor

HF DF Web Service

CommsAudit plans to offer remote web access to a HF DF site in Malvern, England at a later date. To indicate your interest please click on enquiries, send us a message indicating your interest and we’ll keep you up to date with any developments.

Manufacturing Capability

CommsAudit has invested in manufacturing equipment including: Reprint R23-Vision Solder Paste Printing Machine, MYDATA 100Lx Surface Mount Pick and Place Machine, TWS 1390 Convection Reflow Oven and a MIRTEC MV-3, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI).

CommsAudit prides itself on very high quality production of original and bespoke designs by an in-house manufacturing philosophy. There is high investment in staff training and utilisation of modern and best-practice electronic manufacturing techniques that provide extremely high-class solutions. A vast range of electronic components can be handled in the manufacturing process ranging from ‘0201’ up to 686 ball flip chips and chip scale packages; odd form devices and pin in paste reflow are part and parcel of the advanced techniques in use.

CommsAudit also have a dedicated area for Rack builds, electro-mechanical assemblies and complex system integration / wiring.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance & Control

CommsAudit meets Quality Management Systems standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015, certificate number FM68767 which is backed up by an appropriate audit programme. Equipment is built to meet CE Mark requirements, and where appropriate is Portable Apparatus Tested (PAT) for attachment to installed mains supplies.

Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Assembly Control

Electronic assemblies (PCB’s) are constructed to IPC 610E, including IPC-A-610 — (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies). This also includes IPC 7711 and 7721, referring to standards for re-work of electronic assemblies; principally printed circuit boards. Electrical assembly standards applied include IPC WHMA-A-620 for cables and cable harness. Operators are trained to J-STD-001 (Soldering of Electrical Assemblies).

Lean Manufacturing

To maintain a high-class assembly environment, other disciplines to maintain lean and 6-Sigma manufacturing principles are employed such as:

  • New Product Introduction (NPI)/Design for Manufacture (DFM) review process
  • PCB panelisation optimisation for process quality results
  • Reflow oven profiling
  • ESD controls
  • Moisture Sensitive device control
  • Dry cabinet storage and PCB bake-out facilities

Test Equipment; ATE, Programming and Calibration

CommsAudit has a sizeable estate of RF and general test equipment. Some of it is configured as specialised Automated Test Equipment (ATE) with computer control. This is necessary to meet the very high performance criteria of the items on test, but also means that when repetitive testing work is involved, the possibility of human error is minimised. It thus contributes to consistent maintenance of product quality.

To augment the testing capability, diagnostic, debug tools and programming of devices, CommsAudit uses XJTAG boundary scan. Test equipment is calibrated in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements, and Calibration Certificates are retained.


As an OEM, CommsAudit obtains components and sub-assemblies from many suppliers.All components supplied are accompanied by Certificates of Conformance. Full component traceability could be invoked if required.