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Spectra 200

Wideband RF Monitoring and Recording

The latest generation wideband VHF - UHF recording system covering 20 MHz to 6 GHz. Two independent CA7851 receivers deliver 200 MHz of real-time analysis bandwidth.

  • 200 MHz Stare Bandwidth
  • Wideband & Narrowband RF Recording
  • Database & Mission Management Tools
  • SPECTRAVIEW Spectrum Analysis Software

Product Description

True Wideband Stare

Two independent CA7851 receivers provide 200 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth.

Wideband & Narrowband RF Recording

Record and playback upto 200 MHz of spectrum.

Wideband Buffering

Wideband buffering allows the successful analysis of short duration signals.

Digital Drop Receivers

Configure multiple digital drop receivers (DDRs) for simultaneous processing of wanted signals.

Expandable Antenna Capacity

Integrated CA4047-8-8 VHF-UHF RF Switch Matrix allows computer controlled antenna selection, and easy expansion of antennas

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) Geo-Location Ready

High quality GPS time standard and precision packet time-stamping allows capability enhancement with TDOA and TOA multilateration.

SPECTRAVIEW Spectrum Analysis Software

Based on ‘Server-Client’ architecture, each SPECTRA Workstation runs the SPECTRAVIEW User Interface to deliver the means of efficient sensor tasking, management and control to the SPECTRA Sensor Operators & Supervisors.

Designed by a collaborative Team of CommsAudit Software Engineers and Electronic Surveillance Operations Specialists, SPECTRAVIEW can be reconfigured in real-time to suit changing operational profiles, whether tactical or strategic.

Key features SPECTRAVIEW include:

  • Multiple Wideband and Narrowband displays
  • Wideband automatic search, detection and handoff with sub-band masking
  • Configurable automatic & manual control & tasking
  • Independent multichannel operation & automated resource allocation
  • Management Information System including interactive Smart-Database
  • Common Geospatial Information System for Direction Finding & Geo-location
  • Efficient gist & transcription toolsets
  • Automatic signals analysis & decoding capabilities

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