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Complete turn-key integrated systems & customised end-to-end systems. Applications include signal intelligence SIGINT, communications, radiomonitoring and ITU spectrum monitoring.

Available Products

Part Number Name Frequency
CA4902 SPECTRA 200 20 MHz6 GHz
CA4903 SPECTRA 500 20 MHz6 GHz
CA4904 SPECTRA 830 1.5 MHz30 MHz

SPECTRA - Modular Communications Surveillance Sensor

Our innovative and highly cost-effective Modular Communications Surveillance Sensor used to detect, monitor, exploit and geo-locate MF to UHF radio emissions.

Example applications for the SPECTRA Sensor systems include:

  • Spectrum management, policing & enforcement
  • Strategic Communications Intelligence
  • Communications Electronic (Warfare) Support Measures for Land, Maritime & Airborne Platforms
  • Cyber Electromagnetic Activities
  • Border Protection & Security
  • Wide-Area Networked radio-monitoring by remote control

The SPECTRA Sensor system employs an I.P. Network-based architecture; each SPECTRA Sensor can be deployed standalone or as part of a multi-node local or wide-area network.

Multiple, separately located SPECTRA Sensors can be remotely operated from a single Operations Centre using wide-area communications bearers. Special measures are implemented by our Engineering Team to reduce communications bandwidth requirements where necessary.


SPECTRA is fully scalable and can be easily configured to suit specific operational requirements, from small-scale mobile platforms with few Operators to large-scale, fixed stations with many Operators.

Tailored to the Customer’s specific needs, SPECTRA can employ a combination of CommsAudit RF digital receivers and compatible 3rd-party receivers. This permits existing receiver systems such as Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) to be fully integrated into the SPECTRA Sensor system as required.

Sensor Resources

SPECTRA uses Wideband and Narrowband processing techniques to prosecute the RF spectrum.

  • Employing highly efficient automatic-detection & handoff delivered by New Energy Alarm (NEA) principles, the Wideband sensor resources deliver full, true stare across large Instantaneous Bandwidths (IBW) to successfully detect and process even Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) emissions. The Wideband resources incorporate software algorithms to deliver advanced capabilities including noise-floor riding and automatic transient suppression.
  • Each Narrowband receiver can be Operator-defined as either a search or automatic/manual handoff resource, delivering a high probability of detection for the lowest amplitude emissions, even in the most highly congested signal environments.

Spectrum Recording & Playback

SPECTRA includes a suite of Wideband (IF/I&Q) and Narrowband (AF/I&Q) recording and buffering sub-systems.

The buffers allow the Operator to shuttle his Wideband spectrum to correctly re-tune or apply alternate demodulation schemes to any signal captured in the Wideband recording, even if the ‘live’ transmission has ceased. The Operator is able to define his operational buffer size ‘from seconds to hours’.

Incorporating the VITA-49 Radio Transport standard for Electronic Surveillance Sensor architectures, the Wideband recorders employ multi-Terabyte storage arrays, delivering the capability to make Wideband recordings over many hours or days for manual or automatic ‘after-event’ analysis, processing and archiving. Multiple, real-time VITA-49 outputs are also available for use as streamed input to 3rd-party parallel processing systems.

A comprehensive Audio Editor suite allows the Operator to playback, cleanup and process automatically or manually invoked audio recordings for offline review, analysis and transcription as applicable.

Direction Finding & Geo-location

The SPECTRA Sensor’s MF to UHF+ Direction Finding capabilities incorporate Super-Resolution Direction Finding (SRDF) techniques to produce high-accuracy Azimuth and Elevation results, even in multiple-signal environments.

SPECTRA can be configured for HF SRDF and/or V-UHF+ SRDF; the modular system architecture permits rapid reconfiguration.

Our SPECTRA digital beam-forming capabilities enable 'blind-signal separation' techniques to ensure that weaker Signals-of-Interest can be successfully prosecuted in the presence of stronger interfering emissions.

Further details concerning our SRDF and digital beam-forming capabilities are available upon request.

SPECTRAVIEW User Interface

Based on ‘Server-Client’ architecture, each SPECTRA Client Workstation runs the SPECTRAVIEW User Interface to deliver the means of efficient sensor tasking, management and control to the SPECTRA Sensor Operators & Supervisors.

Designed by a collaborative Team of CommsAudit Software Engineers and Electronic Surveillance Operations Specialists, SPECTRAVIEW can be reconfigured in real-time to suit changing operational profiles, whether tactical or strategic.

Key features SPECTRAVIEW include:

  • Multiple Wideband and Narrowband displays
  • Wideband automatic search, detection and handoff with sub-band masking
  • Rapid 'full-spectrum rewind' enabling very high Probability-of-Intercept of even very short duration emissions
  • Configurable automatic & manual control & tasking
  • Independent multichannel operation & automated resource allocation
  • Management Information System including interactive Smart-Database
  • Common Geospatial Information System for Direction Finding & Geo-location
  • Efficient gist & transcription toolsets
  • Automatic signals analysis & decoding capabilities

Operator Workstations

The SPECTRA Sensor Operators’ Workstations are commercially available or ruggedised Personal Computers. The Workstations can operate in either Windows(R) or Linux Operating System environments. To ensure efficiency and maintain compatibility with any appropriate security accreditation requirements, the SPECTRA Sensor Server runs the Linux Operating System.

Comprehensive detail concerning all aspects of our SPECTRA Communications Surveillance Sensor Systems is available upon request.

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