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UHF Switch Matrix

CommsAudit Part Number: CA4056

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Wideband Non-Blocking Switching Matrix

  • 1 GHz - 3 GHz
  • Non-Blocking, Full Fan Out
  • Rugged 2U Chassis


  • Wideband Radio Monitoring Systems
  • ITU Radio Monitoring Systems
  • RF Switching


Part Number Form Factor Datasheet
CA4056-8-8 2U Rack Mount Request Datasheet
CA4056-16-8 Request Datasheet
CA4056-16-8 Request Datasheet
CA4056-16-8 3U Rack Mount Request Datasheet
CA4056-32-32 Rack System Request Datasheet

Product Description

The CommsAudit CA4056-16-8C is a 3U rack-mounted receive RF Matrix Switch with a total of 16 RF inputs and 8 RF outputs, all via SMA connectors fitted on the rear panel. The RF inputs are separated into 2 frequency bands; 8 of the RF inputs cover the frequency range 20-1000MHz, while 8 cover the range 1 – 3GHz. The 8 RF outputs all cover the complete range 20MHz-3GHz. Hence, any input can be connected to any output, and the Switch is non-blocking with full fan-out. The Matrix Switch is remotely controlled and monitored via Ethernet. BITE monitoring within the unit includes RF power level at each of the inputs and outputs, plus the health of the DC power supplies and the temperature of the RF amplifier heat-sink. BITE information is available via the same Ethernet link used for control purposes.

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