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This product has been discontinued.

10MHz Reference Signal Distribution

CommsAudit Part Number: CA1005


The CA1005 reference frequency distribution system provides 12 buffered 10MHz reference signals. The CA1005 is typically used in systems that require an accurate 10MHz reference.


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Product Description

The CA1005 is designed to provide 12 buffered 50 Ohm outputs phase locked to an external 1MHz, 5MHz or 10MHz input. In the absence of an external reference signal the CA1005 reverts to an internal 10MHz source provided from a dedicated oven controlled crystal oscillator (OXCO). The internal high stability, low noise OXCO ensures accuracy, and system performance.

The CA1005 provides a backup for GPS derived reference signals. In the event of GPS failure the CA1005 will continue to provide reference signals from the internal source.

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