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This product has been discontinued.
Please see the CA7814 Digitising Wideband HF Receiver for a suitable replacement.

4-Pack Digital HF Narrowband Receiver

CommsAudit Part Number: CA7704


4-Pack Digital HF Receiver

  • 4 Independent HF Narrowband Receivers In One Chassis
  • True Superheterodyne Receiver with 25 kHz Digitised Bandwidth
  • Very High Sensitivity & Dynamic Range
  • Very Robust Performance in Strong Signal Conditions


  • Electronic Surveillance (ES)
  • ITU Spectrum Monitoring
  • Future Wideband HF Communications Systems


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Product Description

High Performance

Incorporating four independent CA7701 HF Receiver modules, the CA7704 is a high performance integrated HF receiver sub-system.

  • 4 Independent Digital HF Receivers
  • 103dB minimum Linear Dynamic Range
  • Very High Blocking Performance
  • Low Phase Noise

Exceptional Sensitivity

Low noise figure and High dynamic range enables reception of low amplitude signals, with strong interference present.

Fast Tuning

Capable of tuning to any frequency within the 2 MHz - 30 MHz HF band with 1 Hz tuning resolution. Enable advanced scan plans to rapidly interrogate frequency of interest lists.

Precision Time-Stamping

Precision time-stamping enables TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) Geo-Location and multi-site diversity reception.

Ethernet Ready

Embedded linux and ethernet connectivity for professional, network integrated systems.

Digital Output

Digital output to integrate with modern software defined demodulators and decoders. Data 64 bits baseband I/Q on industry-standard VITA 49 format.

Built In Self Test

Real-time, continuous monitoring of hardware status and health maximises system reliability.

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