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High Power Low EMI Rack PSU

CommsAudit Part Number: CA7036

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High Power, Low EMI Rack Power Supply

  • Triple Redundant
  • Hot Swap Modules
  • Full Remote Control


  • High Reliability Power Supply Requirements
  • Low EMI Requirements
  • Rack Sub-System Power Source


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Product Description

The CA703600-24-1 High Power Low EMC PSU provides 24 VDC for high reliability rack system applications.

Designed to meet our own requirements for high power, high reliability, and meeting the most stringent EMC considerations.

The CA703600-24-1 is a triple redundant power supply with remote control and Built In Self Test (BITE). BITE informs the user of system performance, status and health. BITE is desirable feature for modern smart infrastructure.

Key Features

  • High Efficiency
  • 24 VDC
  • Low EMC
  • Triple Redundant, Hot Swap Modules
  • Built In Self Test (BITE)
  • Remote Control

The CA703600-24-1 is based on installation proven triple redundant rectifier modules by UNIPOWER. The rectifier modules offer high efficiency and power density. Active ORing diodes and hot swap capability ensure continuity of supply. Multiple power outlets are provided on mil-spec connectors - each with over-current protection.

The CA703600-24-1 PSU complies with rigorous emissions standards, and is ideally suited to EMC sensitive environments. Owing to the extensive filtering and shielding, the CA703600-24-1 may be considered as a replacement for linear power supplies.

The CA70600-24-1 has remote control and Built In Self Test (BITE). Connection via Ethernet allows monitoring of system status and performance from remote locations and improve maintenance schedule efficiency.


The CA703600-24-1 can be re-configured to provide 12 VDC or, 48 VDC.

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