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HF Multicoupler

CommsAudit Part Number: CA3034

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HF Multicouplers

Range of standard & customisable HF multicouplers.

  • Wide range of standard units
  • Available with Phase Matched outputs
  • Available with full remote BITE


  • HF Communications
  • Radio Monitoring
  • ITU Spectrum Monitoring


Part Number Form Factor Datasheet
CA3034-1-24 3U Rack Mount Request Datasheet
CA3034-1-8 1U Rack Mount Request Datasheet
CA3034-1-16 2U Rack Mount Request Datasheet
CA3034-8-32 3U Rack Mount Request Datasheet

Product Description

High Performance Input Filtering

The CA3034 HF multicouplers have high performance input filtering to maximise performance by rejecting out-of-band interfering RF energy.

Typically in the HF band, good rejection of the MF broadcast band (500 kHz - 1.7 MHz) is required.

Robust with Strong Signals

The CA3034 multicoupler range have very high intercept point amplifiers, delivering superior performance in strong interfering signal environments.

Low Noise Figure

The Low noise figure of the CA3034 multicouplers maximise system sensitivity for reception of low-amplitude signals.

Phase Matched - Suitable for DF Systems

Phase matched versions of CA3034 HF multicouplers are available:

  • Phase Matched Output to Output (same unit)
  • Phase Matched Unit to Unit

Phase matched multicouplers are suitable for use in HF DF systems.

Powerful Built In Test

The CA3034-1-8 and CA3034-1-16 models are available with comprehensive real-time Built In Test (BITE).

Remote monitoring is enabled over Ethernet connection. Historical trend analysis of BITE data highlights service requirement ahead of failure, enhancing long-term reliability. The multicoupler will indicate on the green / red status light if any parameters are exceeding threshold limits. The BITE measurement circuitry will automatically initiate shut down of the multicoupler if temperature, current or voltage limits are exceeded.

RF power measurement at the input helps provide early warning of cable or antenna faults, and rapid fault-finding.

Customisable Input Filter

The CA3034 range of multicouplers are suitable for all HF antenna distribution requirements. The factory-set input filter allows optimisation of system operating bandwidth.

Example Configurations:

  • 300 kHz - 30 MHz
  • 500 kHz - 30 MHz
  • 1.5 MHz - 30 MHz
  • 2 MHz - 30 MHz
  • No Filter

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