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This product has been discontinued.
Please see the CA4904 SPECTRA 830 HF Direction Finding System for a suitable replacement.

Advanced HF Beamformer

CommsAudit Part Number: CA9544


Scalable wideband beamforming system.


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Product Description

Full 360° Coverage

Full 360° degree coverage, with 24 directional, wideband beams.


  • 2 MHz - 30 MHz
  • IP2 >+95 dBm, IP3 >+46 dBm
  • Pre-Amp Noise Figure: 2 dB

Circular Antenna Array

The system takes inputs from a circular 48 element antenna array, providing 24 wideband beams.

Expandable Monitoring Capability

Multiple receivers can be connected to the CA9544, for recording, monitoring and exploiting signals of interest from a particular direction.

Auxiliary outputs can be used to provide additional capability through Super Resolution Direction Finding.

Legacy System Upgrade

CA9544 is a direct and compatible replacement for existing AN/FRD-13 PUSHER & AX19 systems.

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