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Automatic RF Test System

CommsAudit Part Number: CA1114

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Automatic RF Test System 10 kHz to 30 MHz

  • Automatically Measures the Intercept Point of RF Equipment
  • Automatically Measures Noise Figure
  • Automatically Measures S-Parameters

Key Facts

  • +55 dBm IIP3 Measurement Limit
  • +115 dBm IIP2 Measurement Limit
  • Automatically Generates Test Reports

Product Description

High Intercept Point Testing

Automate complex and time consuming manual high dynamic range IP2 and IP3 tests with the CA1114 test system.

Noise Figure Testing

Automatically Measure Noise Figure along side other parameters for maximum efficiency.

S-Parameter Testing

Optional integrated Network Analyser facilitates automatic S-Parameter measurements.

Test Reporting & Analysis

Automatically generate test reports in .html format. Automatically save raw data in .csv format for further analysis.

User Definable Test Limits

Set test limits according to required system specifications for rapid pass/fail indication.

User Definable Test Profiles

Set and store test profiles for future use. In project mode load pre-defined test profiles for rapid set-up.

Software Modes

Engineering Mode

For quick set-up of test parameters, and operation without a specific project test profile loaded.

Project Mode

For creation of specific test profiles with pass/fail criteria for reliable, repeatable and traceable measurements.


The CA1114 has the ability to seamlessly operate with external switching units. Build test profiles with automatic switch control for faster measurements, and less manual intervention.


Calibration routines are automated and run by the control software. Calibration routines include iterative processes to account for all equipment and cables and losses to / from the Device Under Test (DUT).

Integrated Test Equipment

The CA1114 provides the capability to operate Agilent Signal Analysers and Network Analysers in an automated, coherent manner, such that detailed test reports can be automatically generated. The CA1114 is operated with the provided control software.

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