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SPECTRA 830 The latest generation wideband HF Super Resolution Direction Finding system covering 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz.

  • 28.5 MHz DF Bandwidth
  • Continuous Real-time HF Spectrum Monitoring
  • Wideband & Narrowband RF Recording
  • Database & Mission Management Tools
  • SPECTRAVIEW Spectrum Analysis Software

DF Performance

Using CommsAudit’s Proprietary Super Resolution DF (SRDF) processing software SPECTRA 830 is capable of simultaneous calculation of DF results for multiple frequencies within the range 1 MHz – 30 MHz

Full Spectrum Look Back

Buffer the entire HF spectrum to enable full-spectrum look-back and bit-perfect capture of complete transmissions. Display line bearings and geo-fixes on a map (Esri ArcGIS Mapping engine)

Modular & Interoperable

SPECTRA 830 is modular and interoperable with other SPECTRA systems – multiple Spectra 830 systems can be networked to provide geolocation capability

HF Monitoring and DF

HF monitoring and Direction Finding is key business to CommsAudit  For over 30 years CommsAudit has worked with customers to understand their HF requirements   This has ranged from installations around the world to support strategic COMINT, to spectrum regulators looking to perform interference analysis and monitoring spectrum usage.  With digital and technological advances HF communication is seeing a resurgence particularly in military applications.  In recent years there has been a heavy reliance on more robust communications systems like SatCom, however HF still provides the most practical alternative to SatCom for Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications and for operations in austere and challenging terrain.  The shift to encrypted digital waveforms has reduced the opportunity for voice/content intercept.  Therefore, metadata like frequency and line-of-bearing is key to understanding opposing force positional information with HF DF being a critical capability and contributor to the overall intelligence picture.

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