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New Generation HF Switch Matrix

April 11th, 2014

CommsAudit have delivered the first new-generation CA4034 HF antenna Switch Matrix. The new system consumes up-to 40% less power, has improved performance, and offers greater maintainability over previous systems.

Designed specifically for long-term installations at fixed-site HF radio stations, the CA4034 has market-leading RF performance. Second & third order intercept points exceed previous systems, whilst the dynamic power management system actively controls power consumption according to system use. The new system can save as much as 40% power consumption over previous systems, offering significantly reduced operating costs.

The CA4034 is the latest generation HF Switch Matrix. It is a configurable antenna distribution system able to support up to 48 antennas and 48 receivers, with further expansion also possible.

Further innovation includes the non-intrusive, real-time Built In Test (BITE). The BITE facility monitors system status and health down to module-level in real time. All BITE data is available remotely over Ethernet and can be displayed in a web browser interface, or a stand-alone application. Historical trend analysis of BITE data highlights service requirements ahead of failure, enhancing long-term reliability.

The CA4034 system is modular; multiple hot-swap modules are configured to meet the overall system requirements. The system can be scaled simply through adding additional modules.

HF communications and monitoring sites require reliable HF antenna distribution. Future Wideband HF (WBHF), or diversity systems will require adaptable HF antenna routing – the CA4034 HF Switch Matrix provides such capability. Ideally suited to HF maritime ship to shore, HF aeronautical ground – air, and beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications.

CommsAudit is a specialist RF engineering company. Manufacturing systems and components for VLF-HF communications, radio monitoring, and radio direction finding, CommsAudit has in excess 25 years experience providing high performance, market-leading technology.

Photograph of the CA4034 HF switch matrix

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