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A cookie is a small text file that may be stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever you visit a website. There are two types of cookie: session cookies and persistent cookies.

The principal difference between the two types is how long they are stored for. Session cookies are typically deleted whenever you close your browser, and are used to assist a website in tracking your actions during a particular visit (e.g. remembering the items you put in a shopping basket on an e-commerce website).

Persistent cookies are usually stored on your computer for a much longer time, and are often used to remember your preferences between browsing sessions.

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How We Use Cookies

If given permission, the CommsAudit website creates and uses the following cookies:


This is a persistent cookie, which expires after 180 days. It's created if, and only if, you have chosen to accept cookies from this website.

_ga, _gat

These are non-essential persistent cookies, created by the Google Analytics software application. One or more of these cookies may be created, and they allow us to see which pages have been visited, how often and for how long. No personally identifiable information is collected by the use of these cookies; we'll know that someone visited a particular page on a particular day, but not who that person was. For more information, please see the Google Analytics website.

Your Preferences

We don't store cookies on your device. If you're happy for us to do this, click the button shown below:

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