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Spectra Software for SIGINT and ITU applications

RF Recording & Playback

Wideband RF Recording & Playback
antenna systems

ITU Radio Monitoring - Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management - Monitoring radio signals for compliance with local regulations.
Wide Band VLF, HF, VHF, UHF, receivers and tuners

HF Communications

Diversity Processing for HF Communications
Artist's impression of Inmarsat GX5

Satphone Direction Finding (DF)

Satphones pose problems for militaries and law enforcement agencies who seek to use COMINT techniques to geo-locate SATCOM users. TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access), a channel access scheme used by many SATCOM systems allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing it into different time-slots. Geolocating these can become very difficult when multiple satphones are in the field-of-view, especially with basic Direction Finding (DF) algorithms. CommsAudit provides portable, mobile and fixed solutions that can be tailored to your CONOP to maximise the probability of intercepting satphone SOIs.
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